jackky: Kiley McDaniel Prospects Chat 8211 7-7-1

Kiley McDaniel Prospects Chat 8211 7-7-1

Aug 14, 17 om 12:01
12:03Kiley McDaniel: Kiley is here and hes slightly sunburned from at some point HS tourney games yesterday
12:08Comment From Bob BensonLast week in his chat, Cameron mentioned that you simply two had discu sed Hunter Renfroe and that you could be downgrading his prospect status. Can you elaborate on why?
12:09Kiley McDaniel: There were some contact/approach concerns on Renfroe from back in his amateur days, but he hit which means you couldnt really factor that into his prospect status as much, unle s you were really convicted it wouldnt work on higher levels, which most scouts couldnt do because all the tools are there.He'd a yellow flag of a tough half-season at AA last year that we needed to focus on this year and he hasnt really improved. Now those concerns are really the which Jeff Francoeur comp I acquired seems more real, too.
12:09Comment From Nick CAre the Mets in on every other international free agents not named Gimenez or Gregory Guerrero? I know they have little money left over after trade.
12:14Kiley McDaniel: Most prospects under 500K dont have a high profile, so I wouldnt expect to hear much more. That said, should you consider the J2 boardhttp://www.fangraphs.com/sc
the Mets did the very best of any team at getting two high end players and staying under their pool, with the Braves just in it. Thats the very best you are able to ask for one of the 20+ teams staying under their pool. You have permi sion to become happy relating to this.
12:14Comment From Stanatee the ManateeI live near a few Frontier League teams. Just how much do MLB front offices scout/keep track of independent minor leagues like this one?
12:14Kiley McDaniel: Dont scout much, most teams will keep tabs on statistical outliers to po sibly scout at some point
12:15Comment From GPTAny updates on Eddy Julio Martinez? Is it still between the Dodgers and Giants?
12:16Kiley McDaniel: No update since my last report, but my gue s may be the Giants were in for one of the high end J2 guys, so with Lucius Fox within the fold, Im unsure theyre willing to spend much [url=http://www.sportsshoesnk.com/Nike_Air_Max_90_Woven_Shoes][b]Nike Air Max 90 Woven Shoes[/b][/url] more on another, but thats just a gue s.
12:16Comment From ThomasDo you have a mid-season top-50/100 prospect list being released? ETA?
12:16Kiley McDaniel: I'll, but itll be a few more weeks. Much more than only a list, so hopefully youll find it well worth the wait.
12:16Comment From John HartDid I hire the very best scouting department in baseball?
12:17Kiley McDaniel: Its impo sible to understand, so just tell yourself yes
12:17Comment From That certain scout.Saw one scout, granted only one, a serted he thinks Lara has a great chance at sticking at short. Preseason I know you said hes definitely another baseman, but has that changed whatsoever?
12:18Kiley McDaniel: I said 3B eventually but SS for the time being, lost weight and also got just a little quicker. If you feel hes likely to be penciled in at SS in the first big league game, youre in a tiny minority at this point.
12:18Comment From MichaelQuick takeaways out of your viewing of Moncada? Too soon to give an approximate FV?
12:23Kiley McDaniel: Had some technical i sues but Im back now
12:24Kiley McDaniel: Tweeted about it here https://twitter.com/kileymc
12:26Kiley McDaniel: Merely a one game look, but appeared as if advertised in my experience. Some technical stuff to wash up defensively, but made all the plays and also the tools were there. Hit the ball hard from both sides, was aware of situations, body looked live, etc. Nothing negative apart from normal A-Ball stuff.Its a small sample, but [url=http://www.sportsshoesnk.com/nike-air-flight-huarache][b]Nike Air Flight Huarache Shoes[/b][/url] Im inclined to consider 18 months without any games means the adjustment could be tough, but hes trending back up now. Ill get another look later to verify this and check with scouts which are seeing him how to make certain I didnt just catch him on the good day.
12:26Comment From Blue Jays bullpenDoes Barreto stick at short?
12:26Kiley McDaniel: Still think no long-term, but hes okay there if you want him to experience there.
12:26Comment From Candy LaChanceBradley Zimmer has been killing it within the Carolina League, but also striking out 23% of the time. Is this something that can keep him at A+ all year long? A red flag about his future? Or otherwise a big deal given anything else hes doing right?
12:28Kiley McDaniel: Hes a tall guy and a late-count type hitter, so Ks will be greater than his hitting skills would suggest
12:30Kiley McDaniel: I will complement everyone for your questions this week acknowledging what Ive already discu sed the guy and asking whats changed. This relationship may work in the end.
12:30Comment From NathanI have a question regarding Josh Bell. Hes been very impre sive in AA this season, sporting both a K and BB of 10.6% while hitting .312. This is all very encouraging, however the power, a big part of his prospect profile, just hasnt appeared. He's just 3 HRs over the first half of the growing season. Is that this reason to be concerned, or is the expectation the power will have eventually? I know he has solid raw power, however when does it begin to show up in games? Is there in whatever way to predict whether this will actually happen or otherwise? Thanks!
12:32Kiley McDaniel: For many guys, the power requires a little time to show up in the upper levels once the pitching is much better. Bell is a 55 raw power guy for me and a few scouts dont think the hitting tools are extremely loud, so that they kinda gue sed the power might take a little time to show up. Lower expectation to solid everyday guy, especially given the 1B fit in the PIT system. I wouldve told you that preseason, too.
12:32Comment From GPTHow can you compare Lucius Fox and Jalen Miller?
12:34Kiley McDaniel: Fox is a switch hitter and I such as the bat a little more, power can be compared. Miller is a 50-55 runner that may probably play short but is a polished defensive type and Fox is a 65-70 runner which has the various tools to experience SS, but has some try to do, so he could end up playing 2B or CF. Id take Fox, but it isnt an enormous gap and I think that illustrates the inflation from draft to July 2 given age/polish of 18 vs. 16, that is things i think you had been implying using the question.
12:34Comment From DanUpdated ideas on two youngish under-the-radar guys on Altoonas roster, Max Moroff and Adam Frazier? Be curious if you feel either could be league average regulars/supersubs using their profiles.
12:36Kiley McDaniel: Saw both of them last year. Frazier is really a not-a-lot-of-tools guy that may play shortstop making some contact but hardly anything else, so youre dreaming about a utility guy. Moroff has more tools, but low-end everyday at the best and cant play SS so youre dreaming about Scooter Gennett.
12:36Comment From ChrisNo need to rush Zach Davies like a 22 yo (who looks 17) in AAA, right? He wouldnt, currently, constitute upgrading from Terrible Chris Tillman?
12:37Kiley McDaniel: He may actually be better. I really liked Davies coming into this season like a command #4 starter having a plus changeup. More adopts the choice than just which one is slightly better at this time, though.
12:37Comment From Frozen treats SandwichDont make fun of me with this, but can Jesus Montero still be an impact bat? His stats this season in Triple-A are simply silly.
12:39Kiley McDaniel: 30% above league average in a hitter friendly league as a Twenty-five year old Triple-A DH isnt silly. Thats not that far ahead of required production to stay on the field, and the more extreme environment raises questions beyond the normal ones of if this means the big leagues.
12:39Comment From SteveJeff Hoffman is striking out a few more batters lately however the results still arent that great. Is it more of the same because you last saw him? Just how can a man who throws very difficult not strike anyone out?
12:40Kiley McDaniel: Wrote about this within the last chat or even the one before. TOR has changed his delivery to be more upright, tall-and-fall and cro sfire. Also, he isnt throwing his best curveball, saving the yakker at least or two times a game. He isnt looking to get strikeouts. Not sure if this sounds like the plan going forward or just to obtain free from the surgery, then turn it up a notch. The mechanics seem like Aaron Sanchez, so Im thinking that part isnt temporary.
12:41Comment From NattylightWho turns out to be the better player for that Nats Trea Turner or Joe Ro s?
12:41Kiley McDaniel: Ive still got Turner ahead with a decent margin
12:41Comment From Marlins ManHow much longer until Tyler Kolek is known as bust?
12:41Kiley McDaniel: Greater than 12 months, thats without a doubt.
12:41Comment From GuestIs Luke Weaver an eventual #3 arm?
12:41Kiley McDaniel: Thats the very best case scenario
12:42Comment From KDwhats the logic in the blue jays trading for slot space to lower their intl penalty to an lack of twelve months instead of two when the system is prone to change after next year anyways?
12:42Kiley McDaniel: The penalty of going over will continue into the draft with lack of draft picks for as long as youd maintain the penalty
12:42Comment From AndrewStill think Shipley could be a solid number two? His stats are down, but it really was just a rough patch he rebounded from lately, right?
12:42Kiley McDaniel: Stuff continues to be inconsistent this season, still relatively recent to pitching. Im likely to visit him in a bit to find out if hes improved
12:43Comment From ChrisHave you spoken to anyone who recently saw Chance Sisco? Just from internettin it appears he is dreadful defensively but he is young and you indicated in the chance list that's was more deficiencies in experience than athletic ability. Any progre s albeit the mi sed month by having an injury?
12 [url=http://www.sportsshoesnk.com/nike-zoom-winflo-2][b]Nike Zoom Winflo 2 Shoes[/b][/url] :44Kiley McDaniel: Dreadful is really overstating it. Hes still new to the positioning and really should be able to stick, but probably wont be considered a defensive standout. The bat is the thing to jump in with and its special.
12:44Comment From MikePlease tell me you are live-blogging from Anderson Espinozas start @ GCL Rays
12:44Kiley McDaniel: Is going to be in Florida in some weeks and hes near the top of my list to track down
12:44Comment From Asking For a FriendHas Lance McCullers suddenly learned command/control or perhaps is his sub-2 BB/9 in MLB certain to regre s? Do you see him as a starter LT?
12:46Kiley McDaniel: Hes always shown it in flashes and I think theres a little bit of Carson Fulmer here: a top-notch arm have a tendency to just enough command to make do with the stuff to always get Ks. I wrote for ESPN multiple times when McCullers was in HS that he made huge strides during his senior year as he was getting feedback about command and his changeup from scouts. Never doubted he could make adjustments, just wasnt sure it would fit best in a rotation or late in the game. I gue s we still dont fully realize, but hes exceeded almost everyones expectations so far.
12:46Comment From Pale HoseWhen a person gets promoted is it ok to a sume current fv is moving nearer to future fv?
12:47Kiley McDaniel: One thing that will be contained in the updated list later this month may be the introduction of Present Value (PV), which I contained in the sortable draft board too. So, if youre saying PV rises as a prospect gets promoted, yes thats generally correct.
12:47Comment From domI will never not ask about Refsynders defense
12:47Kiley McDaniel: Best to hear
12:48Comment From Pale HoseAny insight into the way the DiPoto/Sciosia relationship was atypical?
12:49Kiley McDaniel: I dont think it was atypical of the strong-minded, old-school manager. There has been a few of those who work in the past that didnt be friends with the greater progre sive type GM. The difference would be that the two sides usually knew who has in control and acted accordingly. Arte Moreno didnt do a sufficient job of making it clear who had been in control. Also, casting the long-time MLB veteran as the stats nerd coming to ruin Sciosias sacred game is really a new twist.
12:49Comment From bobany top prospects to watch in the short season leagues?
12:49Kiley McDaniel: Plenty of em!
12:50Comment From domDoes baseball not allow trading draft picks so teams cant destroy themselves like they are doing within the NBA?
12:53Kiley McDaniel: Nothing strategic, just tradition and not rocking the boat. Could alternation in the next CBA, though. The crazy long and negative track record of unintended consequences from rule alterations in the July 2 and draft markets could be mitigated some if the teams are able to move around picks and avoid problems made from being locked in place. The items MLB doesnt like (verbal deals with both markets and other shenanigans) originate from teams being creative when they have limited options. [url=http://www.sportsshoesnk.com/Nike_Nightgazer_Shoes][b]Nike Nightgazer Shoes[/b][/url] So, give them more options and le s weird things happen. Additionally, it allows smart teams to do more smart things, though its not all team is within favor of this.
12:53Comment From BrettWho is Houstons #1 prospect in the system now? Leaning towards Brett Phillips but AJ Reed is completely destroying the ball in Lancaster.
12:53Kiley McDaniel: When in doubt, go ahead and take up-the-middle guy
12:54Comment From BartolowandawayI wondered concerning the International 16 year olds. What is the proce s for them once they sign? Could they be correct in to the DSL?
12:55Kiley McDaniel: Nope, sign, workout in the complex, then playing in instructs over the fall, play in spring training and extended spring within the next spring, then the DSL the summer after. The J2 kids this year all sign 2016 contracts so they cant play come july 1st, for the team to get an extra year of control for 40-man decisions in return for playing only simulated games for some months when theyre super raw.
12:55Comment From RevisionWhat SPF have you use? Below 25 is worthle s
12:55Kiley McDaniel: I normally go with the 125
12:56Comment From BrandonWorried about Amed Rosarios power?
12:56Kiley McDaniel: Hes really good at almost everything, so not concerned about anything related to him at this time.
12:56Comment From Chet SteadmanWill Billy McKinney ever become a regular starting RF/LF in the majors? Or does his lack of power and lack of CF ability limit him?
12:57Kiley McDaniel: Ive been on the cheap for McKinney. Power plays slightly below average in games and hes LF only. I didnt love that he barred his lead arm in HS, but hes proven he can make it work.
12:58Kiley McDaniel: Lots of questions asking me to discu s other outlets lists. If you havent noticed, I dont do that.
12:58Comment From MWIf someone was looking to get into scouting which level would you advise them to go watch and talk about? Since minor leaguers have already been drafted and identified by MLB will it be more worthwhile to pay attention to the amateur level?
12:59Kiley McDaniel: Whatever is the easiest to get to many often. Amateur is harder than pro, particularly if youre just going during the spring and never towards the summer showcases/college leagues. The bottom line is to get to a game every day, write a specific item and discover some people that can give you pointers that understand what theyre talking about. Dont worry about the level, worry about the reps.
12:59Comment From GuestAre you still bullish on [url=http://www.sportsshoesnk.com/Nike_Air_Max_95_2013_Shoes][b]Nike Air Max 95 2013 Shoes[/b][/url] Colin Moran?
1:00Kiley McDaniel: I dont think I ever was
1:00Comment From Hu seinBA and BP have their lists out. When should we expect yours?
1:01Kiley McDaniel: Should you havent noticed, I dont follow the conventions other stick to regarding when lists emerge, the length or format of them, etc.
1:01Comment From AceWhy dont the Orioles take more of an interest in international free agents? Is it due to the fact theyre cheap?
1:01Kiley McDaniel: Theres a reason and thats not it
1:02Comment From DaveHeading to the Cape soon? We want a Kiley/Frankie pod, er, programme.
1:02Kiley McDaniel: Most likely not doing the Cape this summer. Maybe Frankie and that i could stitch our hours of phone calls together into a pod, leaving out the curse words and industry go sip
1:02Kiley McDaniel: Although, at that point, it might be about Ten minutes of baseball conversation
1:03Comment From I'm the WalrusInternational prospect, where do you rank Cuba OF Eddie Julie Martinez? Where do you think he would have gone in MLB amateur draft if he was eligible.
1:03Kiley McDaniel: Hes ranked about this board, then click on the tab to determine the draft board and you can see the response to both questions http://www.fangraphs.com/sc
1:04Comment From CharlieThoughts on what the braves did in selling prospects for international $$$s?
1:05Kiley McDaniel: Wouldnt characterize it that way. They had to trade for money to avoid groing through and trading mid to low-level prospects allowed them to sign another 7 figure July 2 guy. Thats the way smart teams turn ok a sets into a good one while leaving themselves another chance to go exce s of in another year
1:05Comment From GuestWhat does your October-January day to day consist of?
1:06Kiley McDaniel: Writing prospect lists, making phone calls. More Nov-Jan since October is instructs, fall league and Jupiter
1:06Comment From TeddyKiley, any news on Ruddy Giron of the Padres? I'm able to barely find anything on him and it looks like hes having a breakout year at Ft. Wayne
1:08Kiley McDaniel: Addre sed him in a couple previous chats. Solid prospect, potential everyday guy but lower end for the time being along with a great distance off. Chance to stick at shors, some feel for contact and some pop. Probably 40 FV but maaaaybe 45 FV once i make more calls on him.
1:08Kiley McDaniel: I believe I must speak with that Canadian guy now so help you next week people


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