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Aug 14, 17 om 12:15
Table of ContentsHeres the table of contents for todays edition of Daily Notes.1. Texas First Baseman Someday, Maybe: Chris McGuine s2. SCOUT Leaderboards: Arizona Fall League3. Double-Video Situation: Chris McGuine s HomeringTexas First Baseman Someday, Maybe: Chris McGuine sChris McGuine s is a 24-year-old first base-type within the Texas system who has sat (sitted?) atop the SCOUT batting leaderboard (below) for nearly the entirety from the Arizona Fall League season. He was also again, per SCOUT he seemed to be among the top hitters within the Double-A Texas League this year. In the two cases that is, both the Arizona Fall and Eastern Leagues McGuine s continues to be old relative to his league/level (or, a minimum of over the age of a prospect proper could be).Heres who Chris McGuine s is, in case you want to understand: a 13th-round pick in Air Jordan 13"CP3" '09 from the Citadel through the Boston Red Sox. Heres who else: area of the package sent by Boston to Texas within the 2010 trade for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Heres who, also: a left-handed batter who hit .268/.366/.474 (.302 BABIP), 134 wRC+ in 530 plate appearances at Double-A Frisco earlier this season.With the departure of Mike Napoli in the Rangers this offseason, there are more questions for that club at first base and DH Air Jordan 13"Hologram" than there has been in recent years. As things stand right now, some mixture of Mitch Moreland, Mike Olt, and Michael Young is likely to fill the 2 roles. Purely being an exercise, Ive listed below the 2013 OLIVER projections for those four players below.PlayerAVGOBPSLGwOBAChris McGuine s.238.320.416.323Mitch Moreland.261.320.433.327Mike Olt.248.331.485.350Michael Young.285.326.402.319It appears, from this, as if McGuine s wouldnt be the worst-case scenario because the left-handed part of a platoon for Texas either at first base or DH. Given that Moreland is entitled to arbitration in 2014, however, its even the case he (i.e. McGuine s) could be a cheap replacement for him (i.e. Moreland) at that time.SCOUT Leaderboards: Arizona Fall LeagueBelow are the SCOUT leaderboards for that Arizona Fall League, current through Saturday. (Ages as of July 1st, 2012. Players Air Jordan 12 GS"Dynamic Pink" listed with most recent team. Click here for more about what's SCOUT.)SCOUT Leaderboard: Arizona Fall League Hitters (Overall)Below is the current SCOUT batting leaderboard for the Arizona Fall League. SCOUT+ is calculated using regre sed home-run, walk, and strikeout rates, where 100 is average and above 100 is above average.PlayerMLBAgePAxHR%xBB%xK%SCOUT+Christopher McGuine sRangers24912.5%11.5%15.9%122David AdamsYankees25802.3%11.5%17.3%116Nate RobertsTwins23711.7%11.5%13.9%116Matt SzczurCubs22981.5%11.6%13.6%115Trayce ThompsonWhite Sox21592.1%14.1%20.8%114Kent MatthesRockies25842.6%10.8%19.5%113George SpringerAstros22732.3%12.9%20.9%113Josh PrinceBrewers24971.5%12.2%15.7%112Jonathan SchoopOrioles20831.9%13.9%20.9%112Jeudy ValdezPadres23712.0%11.5%17.9%112SCOUT Leaderboard: Arizona Fall League Hitters (Prospects)Here is the SCOUT batting leaderboard for the Arizona Fall League, only populated with players who're 22 or under i.e. something more like prospect age in accordance with the league.PlayerMLBAgePAxHR%xBB%xK%SCOUT+Matt SzczurCubs22981.5%11.6%13. Air Jordan 7"Champagne" 6%115Trayce ThompsonWhite Sox21592.1%14.1%20.8%114George SpringerAstros22732.3%12.9%20.9%113Jonathan SchoopOrioles20831.9%13.9%20.9%112Joe PanikGiants21781.6%10.1%13.6%112Jonathan SingletonAstros201032.1%13.4%21.6%112Nick AhmedBraves22701.7%10.1%15.3%108Logan WatkinsCubs22221.9%10.5%17.7%108Ricky OropesaGiants22512.1%13.0%22.5%108Cory SpangenbergPadres21341.9%11.4%18.8%108SCOUT Leaderboard: Arizona Fall League Pitchers (Overall)Below may be the current SCOUT pitching leaderboard for the Arizona Fall League. SCOUT- is calculated using regre sed strikeout and walk rates where 100 is average and below 100 is excellent.PlayerMLBAgeGGSIPTBFxK%xBB%SCOUT-Robbie ErlinPadres216618.27426.8%9.6%85Mark MontgomeryYankees219010.14127.2%10.2%85Chase AndersonDiamondbacks245518.17525.3%10.0%88Kevin QuackenbushPadres2310010.03725.0%9.8%89Kevin RhoderickCubs23909.13524.6%9.8%90Boone WhitingCardinals226621.19124.5%9.7%90Kevin SiegristCardinals225415.06024.6%9.9%90Kyle GibsonTwins245520.08924.1%9.5%90Nick TropeanoAstros2110114.05624.5%10.0%90Nicholas BucciBrewers215515.07424.1%9.6%90SCOUT Leaderboard: Arizona Fall League Pitchers (Starters)Here is the SCOUT pitching leaderboard for that Arizona Fall League, but only populated with pitchers whove made the vast majority of their appearances as starts.PlayerMLBAgeGGSIPTBFxK%xBB%SCOUT-Robbie ErlinPadres216618.27426.8%9.6%85Chase AndersonDiamondbacks245518.17525.3%10.0%88Boone WhitingCardinals226621.19124.5%9.7%90Kevin SiegristCardinals225415.06024.6%9.9%90Kyle GibsonTwins245520.08924.1%9.5%90Nicholas BucciBrewers215515.07424.1%9.6%90James PaxtonMariners235512.25723.0%10.1%94T.J. HouseIndians225522.08622.5%10.0%94Dennis TeperaBlue Jays245516.28121.8%9. Air Jordan 1"Pinnacle" 5%95James NelsonBrewers236518.08022.6%10.8%96Double-Video Situation: Chris McGuine s HomeringHere are two videos of Chris McGuine s homering this season in the Double-A Texas League.First, in July:Second, in August:


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