jackky: Taking Stock of the AL East Part 1

Taking Stock of the AL East Part 1

Aug 24, 17 om 05:14
Keeping in theme today Thomas Rawls Jersey at FanGraphs with the take a look at teams in general, I decided to have a look in to the AL East and examine how the three contenders, Boston, New York and Tampa have performed to date up to now. First of all, we've the standard benchmark, won lo s record. At time of writing, they appear as follows:New York, 65- J.D. McKissic Jersey 42, Boston RS, 62-44, 2.5Tampa Bay, 60-48, 5.5Looking at run differential paints a slightly different picture:Boston RS, 63-43, Tampa Bay, 63-45, 1.0New York, 61-46, 2.5Run differential does not tell the entire story however, as there are many other factors, namely luck, that may still skew results this far in to the season Ahtyba Rubin Jersey . Instead, I like to consider a couple other measures. The first is straight BaseRuns. If you're not familair using the model, this is a decent starting place.BaseRuns concludes that Boston continues to be really lucky at keeping runs off the board, that the Rays happen to be an impre sion unlucky at plating runs which the Yankees have been a little unlucky on both ends. BaseRuns would set the Jesse Williams Jersey standings the following:Tampa Bay, 64-44, New York, 63-44, 0.5Boston RS, 59-47, 4.0Three measurements, three different leaders. Actually, each team appears in each po sible spot within the respected order. We are able to introduce a fourth method here, looking at discrete units from the team (pitching, defense, Troymaine Pope Jersey offense) with our best metrics and find out where the teams stack up. That'll be part 2.


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