jackky: CHONE 038 Marcel Projections

CHONE 038 Marcel Projections

Okt 13, 17 om 09:18
Both Tom Tango and Chone Smith were both kind enough to let me post their 2007 player projections.The Marcel (the Monkey Brian Randolph Jersey ) Forecasts are the minimum level of competence that you should expect from any forecaster. You can see exactly how theyre computed here: Marcel Methodology.Chone Smith, however, has place a considerable time and effort into his CHONE Projections. You can see much more about his projection system and efforts here: Chone Projections.There are two a few things Bryce Hager Jersey i should write down: I have used the FanGraphs positions for filtering by position where we have the player within our database. There exist several minor league players Rodger Saffold Jersey in CHONE that arent in our database (yet) and for their positions we use those supplied in CHONEs original file. And for that Marcels, Isaiah Johnson Jersey we took the typical of projected earned runs and base runs-earned runs and used that to display ER. This was how ERA was calculated within the original file anyway.While Im in internet marketing, there have been a few excellent discu sions of projection systems recently:The Hardball Times David Ga sko did five part, Projection Roundtable, II, III, IV, V.And Tom Tango recently asked Whos Smarter Than the usual Monkey? followed by an insightful discu sion in Marqui Christian Jersey the comments.


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