getbetter: This is the recommended ps4 games for the end of the year

This is the recommended ps4 games for the end of the year

Dec 6, 17 om 10:46
Not feel we've been at the end of the turn of the year 2018. It's time to see the new PS4 game recommendations December 2017 you deserve to play!


New game PS4 December - Doom VFR

Doom is one of the most surprising game titles in 2016 with fast-paced gameplay that is so fun to play.

Just like Skyrim is present PSVR version of this month. You can feel the sensation of playing this FPS game in Virtual Reality version. But there is a slight difference in its VR version with Doom being released in 2016.

Instead of playing as Doomguy, you will play the role of a scientist who was killed during a "demonic invasion". You are revived and gain the ability to inhabit AI (artifical intelligence), which means you can move to different robot bodies.

Gameplay Doom VFR is also slightly different, where the battle has been slowed to adjust your VR experience. You will use teleport ability to move in Doom's world and will start massacring demon monsters along your adventure.


Despite releasing in January 2017, Resident Evil VII remains one of the best PS4 game titles of the year and many DLCs are still present in December.

The first DLC called Not A Hero, bringing Chris Redfield to the setting after the game campaign. In DLC it is more focused on shooting gameplay while Chris is on a mission to find Lucas Baker.

After that there is also a paid DLC called End of Zoe, where there is a mysterious figure that will bring Chris to meet with Zoe and will change the lives of both of them.

Well, for those of you who have not had time to taste Resident Evil VII, thenrecommends to buy the Gold Edition version is scheduled for release on 12 December.

New PS4 game December - DESTINY 2: CURSE OF OSIRIS

Destiny 2 is easily one of the most anticipated game titles of 2017. The game that was released in September will be the presence of its first major expansion in December called Curse of Osiris.
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According to the developer, the expansion will come with lots of new content for Guardians (designation of Destiny 2 characters). There will be a number of new content such as gear, weapons, strikes, raids, and new story content that focuses on the powerful Warlock figure, Osiris.

Curse of Osiris is a paid expansion, except for Season Pass owners. For those of you who have never played Destiny 2 or are still hesitant to play it, this latest expansion is promising and worth playing.

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