chinahutong: What are the types of sentences in Chinese?

What are the types of sentences in Chinese?

Feb 7, 18 om 11:13
When foreigners learn Chinese, they go through this process: Chinese characters, words, sentences and articles.

Chinese characters and words need to be memorized by each student, so we won’t talk about it here. We will focus on the sentences in Chinese.

A foreigner who learns Chinese, whether he can say a sentence or not, depends critically on how well his grammar is mastered, because sentence composition is closely related to grammar.

Chinese sentences can be roughly divided into two categories: single sentence and complex sentence. A sentence is a phrase or a single word sentence, can express meaning. Sentence sentence structure, can be further subdivided into verb sentences and adjective sentences.

For example, ① I eat at school today. ② He is handsome and tall. The two sentences, the former is a verb sentence, verb predicate; the latter is an adjective sentence, adjective predicate.

There are many special Chinese sentence, which has the word, the sentence was sentenced, with moving sentences, and sentences and so on. The grammatical composition of such sentences is more complicated and has certain compositional rules. A complex sentence is a long sentence composed of two or more clauses that are of relevance to each other. Each clause is separated by “,” and “;”. According to the relationship between clauses, the complex sentence can be further subdivided into parallel complex sentences, complex sentences, progressive complex sentences, causal complex sentences, conditional complex sentences and so on. The word that represents the relationship between clauses and clauses is called a “related word.” Each complex sentence according to their different relations, will use different related words. For example, ① Because it is cold today, there are few people on the road. ② He is very poor recently, can not afford a lunch even.

The two sentences, the former is a complex sentence of causation, the latter is a complex sentence progressive relationship.

To sum up, most of the sentence types in Chinese have been introduced. When foreigners learn Chinese characters and memorize new words, they must remember the construction of these sentences, and then they can make sentences and sentences. In this way, the Chinese language level will surely improve rapidly.

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