chinahutong: 6 practical ways to learn Chinese pinyin

6 practical ways to learn Chinese pinyin

Feb 8, 18 om 08:40
Chinese pinyin is the Peoples Republic of China issued by the official Chinese character phonetic latinized scheme, text reforms in 1955-1955 by the original Chinese text reform commission (now the state language work committee) committee to formulate Chinese pinyin scheme. The scheme is mainly used for the annotation of the pronunciation of Chinese putonghua, as a kind of mandarin phonetic symbol for Chinese characters.

1、According to the characteristics of childrens language, use childrens songs to break through difficult points.
Neatness rhyme, catchy, easy to understand is a major feature of childrens songs. In pinyin teaching, grasping the characteristics of the letter glyphs, especially in the face of difficulties, compiled a song, students while reading the song while clapping hands can be identified in the breakthrough difficult to remember the shape of the letter. Pinyin this learning is both lively, and relaxed and happy.
2、According to the characteristics of childrens thinking, the teaching method of intuition and image is adopted to break through the difficulties.
The thinking characteristic of early school children is that image thinking is the main form of thinking. As they grow older, they gradually change their way of thinking. The children in lower grades must have specific and imaginative accumulation of images in order to have abstract thinking abilities. According to the characteristics of the first grade students, in teaching, it is easy for students to find ways to turn boring phonetic symbols into intuitive and vivid images of life.
3、According to the accumulation of childrens knowledge, using flexible teaching methods to stimulate interest in learning.
First-year students entering school, no knowledge of the accumulation of simple words, words more familiar. The language is composed of one by one sentence of the sentence, and then composed of the sentence chapter, students are very interested in the words used to group words, in order to help students remember monotonous boring phonetic symbols, try to group words and sentences associated with memory, Turn monotonous symbols into rich words and sentences to arouse students excitement.
4、Consolidate practice with a small mirror to help.
Pronunciation is very important when learning pinyin, so that children can practice in small mirrors, which can help correct pronunciation. Parents can look in the mirror with the baby and compare them to the same type of mouth.
5、Learning the alphabet by learning the physical objects and situations in life helps to understand the memory.
For example, study the initials m, n, a cave, NNN, two caves, MMM; Learn the syllables ma  my good mother came home from work.
6、Attach the letters and syllables to the corresponding object.
For example, mi is attached to the rice; men stick to the door & let the children continue to stimulate visual stimulation and promote memory.
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