graciemild: do exercise and erase this addiction!

do exercise and erase this addiction!

Feb 13, 18 om 07:38
Alcohol is one of the most frequently consumed beverages in the world. Alcohol can cause various effects for the body, especially for those who are already dependent on alcohol. Negative effects of alcohol on the body very much, especially the effect on the liver, because alcohol metabolism takes place in the liver.

Alcohol Process In The Body

The alcohol taken will be absorbed by the stomach by 20% and the rest is absorbed by the small intestine. Alcohol is digested in the liver where there are enzymes that can process alcohol.

The liver can process alcohol as much as 1 ounce or one drink for one hour. When alcohol is consumed more then it will accumulate in the blood and tissues, waiting to be metabolized. This causes the hangover effect of alcohol to be quite long.

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Effect Of Alcohol Against The Body

Patients with alcohol dependence will have an effect on their liver, wherein alcohol is metabolized. Alcohol can decrease the ability of the liver cells to recover. Another disease in the liver caused by alcohol is the Fatty Liver, because the liver is covered with fat. Although often not symptomatic, but this is a sign that you consume too much alcohol. In addition, prolonged alcohol consumption can cause hepatitis and cirrhosis in the liver.

In addition to the effects on the liver, alcohol consumed over a long period of time also leads to several diseases such as:

Heart disease
Senility (dementia)
Inflammation of the pancreas
Damage to the nerves
Gout arthritis

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Sports for Healthier

Sports we do to make the body become more healthy and fit. Exercise can also increase blood pressure, avoid stress, and also destroy the existing fat in the body. Various sports we can do alone or together with others. Cardio exercise such as running, jogging, cycling, gymnastics, can help us fitter and healthy again.

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Sports and Alcohol Risk

We already know that the effects of alcohol on the body are numerous. If you are a heavy drinker, exercise can reduce some of the risks that alcohol may cause. Exercise can increase the pulse and break down the fat, therefore it can reduce the risk of fatty liver in the liver. Exercise can also reduce the risk of dementia or dementia and depression caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Although exercise can reduce the risk of alcohol, it would be better if you also reduce your alcohol intake before it's too late.

There are things to watch out for for you as a chronic alcohol drinker. When certain diseases arising from alcohol consumption such as heart disease, day cirrhosis, infectious diseases and pancreatitis in you, the usual exercise should be limited first.

Consult your doctor first to find out what type of exercise is appropriate for you who have experienced illness due to alcohol consumption in the long term. Not all chronic alcohol sufferers with the disease can do cardio exercise because it will trigger the disease becomes more severe again.

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