Rskingdom: This is an issue that's tough to wow

This is an issue that's tough to wow

Apr 15, 19 om 07:53

Now apply this at a Vanilla begin. In application it might create a great deal of wow classic gold people to possess exactly the very same problems I just said, but during the entirety of the Vanilla period frame. This is an issue that's tough to iron out. Vanilla should continue indefinitely to make a different character. This gives people the option to really raid Naxx with no being overshadowed by BC's arrival. Server merges would need to be completed in the long term, but that's only a given I think.Yes, which explains why I hate how a number of the CC team continue pushing for TBC. I ended Naxx in retail vanilla using a KT weapon, but barely got any grade 3 since I was saving up all my dkp for KT. We had Naxx on farm for at least 3-4 weeks. 12-18 months naxx could last and it wouldn't find boring imo. Hell, even MC will stay relevant. No need to push to get a shitty expansion. I want Vanilla forever, maybe post-Naxx content provided that no new continents.

Staysafe and I 100% agree before I watch anymore. When you allow everyone to transfer their characters into new realms, then it completely destroys all sense of community which you constructed for the past 2+ years enjoying with vanilla. It's weird having a maximum lvl character rather than knowing anyone apart from your friends.Six step development plus PvP - likely as good as it gets. Sure, spells and talents and equipment evolved across the patch releases of Vanilla and glaring bugs have been fixed along the way while we will be largely locked into 1.12 however, the 6+PvP stages, done right, is the trick to making Classic a really fantastic simulation of this Vanilla experience. Bizzard throwing a few extra dollars? Very good move. Counts me and numerous others into more subscription time.

I can not wait for the day of launch. It's gonna be utter chaos. I just love that for a while. As long as they do not shard servers. I need the queue to get in long. I would like to be disconnected over and above. The feeling of getting online after fighting to get in is just wonderful. And then all of the chaos along with all the players doing the same quests, and there is no quest mobs to kill. And finishing a quest resembles a milestone that is massive. No sharding is would be only fantastic.It takes way to long to have exalted with WSG or AB, it does not compare to cheap classic wow gold AV. Plus Blizzard didn't have plans for BGs during Vanilla before the community needed it and they saw that. It wasn't because it was sport a breaking system, it was because they did not have programs for it originally.

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