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vip게임센터에서 알아보는 바둑이게임

Jul 13, 20 om 08:24
1. The dealer gives three cards to each player.
2. Each player shall open one of three cards;
(You can start batting from this point on, or you can start after receiving the next card.)
3. After checking the open card, the dealer has the highest card (A > K > Q > J > 10...).
The card is turned from the player opened to one direction.
4. A total of four cards (three open cards + one unopened card (hidden) will be received, and it is common for each card to be bet.
5. If a player feels weak when he/she receives a card and bets, he/she may give up his/her hand on the way. 바둑이게임
6. After surviving until the end and receiving a hidden card and all betting is completed, the card shall be opened and the winning or losing shall be confirmed according to the set genealogy.

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