aliseblake526: french bulldog breeders nearme

french bulldog breeders nearme

Sep 18, 20 om 10:45

Welcome to French Bulldog Ranch - we are based in Helena, MT and has bred and exhibited French Bulldog since 2007. We are an AKC BREEDER of MERIT kennel, and have every puppy certified with a Veterinarian prior to placement. We give a composed deal to each purchaser that plots our wellbeing guarantee, and includes our commitment to our breeding program for our french bulldog for sale that we produce. All of our sires and dams are health tested using DNA for genetic diseases prevalent in French Bulldog for sale and OFA screening for cardiac, hips, legg-calves-perthes, and patellas.
We health test the dogs in our breeding program in an effort to minimize and/or eliminate the diseases that can affect our breed. We use OFA and DNA Genetic Testing through PawPrints, GenSol, UCDavis, AnimalGenetics.
We are committed to every french bulldog for sale that we produce and each of the adoptive owners that brings a Franch bulldog Ranch® puppy into their family.

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