allwin79: U.S. White House security chief, Corona 19 infection and leg amputation...

U.S. White House security chief, Corona 19 infection and leg amputation...

Dec 15, 20 om 13:06
The U.S. White House security chief, who was hospitalized with Corona 19, was discharged from hospital after treatment, but he eventually amputated part of his leg.

According to Bloomberg News on the 14th, Chris Bailey, head of the White House's personnel security office, was hospitalized for three months after being confirmed in September, but he cut off part of his right leg and left thumb. It is not known why Bailey cut the leg. However, Bloomberg reported that according to experts, the Corona 19 virus could attack blood vessels and cause fatal blood clotting.

So far, no specific cases of body amputation have been revealed due to Corona19 infection, but many studies have shown that blood clotting causes blood clots (blood cakes) and causes fatal diseases. When our body is infected with the virus, the immune response becomes more than normal, damaging blood endothelial cells and causing blood to overcoagulate excessively. Then the blood becomes sticky and blood clots are easily formed. If blood clots spread throughout the blood vessels, blood flow to organs will decrease, increasing the risk of various complications.

In particular, a team of researchers at Columbia University in the U.S. warned that blood clots caused by the Corona 19 virus cause cardiovascular disease. According to the research team, 30% of Corona 19 patients suffered heart muscle damage, and 33% showed cardiomyopathy. Studies show that the risk of pulmonary embolism increases. Pulmonary embolism occurs when blood clots in veins such as legs move through blood vessels and block pulmonary blood vessels, which have a 30% mortality rate when not treated, and chronic breathing difficulties may remain an aftereffect after treatment. A team of researchers at the University of Strasbourg Hospital in France studied 106 Corona 19 patients and found that 30% of the patients suffered acute pulmonary embolism. A case study by the University of Bejangsong Hospital in France also showed that 23% of Corona 19 patients treated at the hospital suffered from pulmonary embolism and treated it for an average of 12 days.

Therefore, it is important to reduce the risk of complications by continuously checking the physical condition of patients infected with COVID-19 even if they are completely cured. 슬롯사이트주소

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