rkskekfk: How to enjoy sports in the era of untax

How to enjoy sports in the era of untax

Apr 7, 21 om 17:03
After a new epidemic called Corona hit the world in 2020, a major change has also occurred in the way people enjoy sports. This sudden change is not a hard time even for fans who visit the stadium directly, but it hurts the sports market.

Among the many forms of enjoying sports, the method that has gained more attention recently is 먹튀검증.

It is not a medium or method that did not exist before Corona. However, it is in the spotlight now. The small episode that I experienced while running around the European football scene 10 years ago probably predicted the sport of the untact era.

Sports broadcasting culture is still conservative. There is a need to develop more diversified and professional repercussions. I hope that an environment that provides such a professional environment will be created.

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