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To manufacture polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

Sep 27, 21 om 03:09
To manufacture polyvinyl chloride (PVC), Rolled film and adhesive plastic products of greater than 150mm thickness, including Stretch films, CPP and Blister films, the Stretch film making machine is used. The Stretch film making machine is used in the production of a wide range of products. It can be used for making protective coatings on doors, windows, safety glass, ceiling panels, skirting boards etc. The stretch film machine is also used to manufacture non-flammable clear vinyl adhesive tapes which can be used for many different applications.

The name "Stretch" comes from the chemical composition of the material. The material has an increased density which results in a great reduction in the stretchability of the film. Stretching the film becomes difficult because it cannot be bent into the required shape. When heated, the film breaks into smaller components, which are then adhered to a support or substrate.

The film that can stretch the most is PVC, but other plastics like polyester, nitrile and others have similar properties. Stretch film making machineThe PVC films are stronger than the polyester films and are much more durable. The PVC films have excellent thermal conductivity and because of this, they are widely used in thermal insulation. They are also used in industrial smoke detectors, CD and DVD burners, electrical circuits, electrical connectors and so on. Because of their amazing qualities, these plastics are generally used in construction projects.

If you are using them for any of these applications, you will need some sort of heat source. In general, the heat source should be about 300 degree Celsius with a frequency of about fifty centigrade. Another possible heat source for the application would be a bulb. The bulbs work by producing ultraviolet radiation, which is transformed by the process of photo-luminescence. This is a much better way than the conventional bulbs as they do not produce ultraviolet radiation that is harmful for your health.

It is important to use a good power supply in your stretch film development project. Make sure to get a supplier that deals with the electronics industry and a branded one for best results. You may also opt to purchase a transformer to supplement the power supply. Transformer can also be used if there are fluctuations in voltage during the process of stretching.

Now let us move on to the application of the plastics. When you have already developed the roll and you are ready to start, prepare a work area where all the equipments will be put. The heat lamp is optional but highly recommended if you are going for large production. The lamp is used to heat the roll till it melts. After it has melted, you can now start stretching the roll with the help of a stretchy band.

Stretch the plastic while maintaining a constant temperature. When it becomes soft, stop stretching and let it rest. Keep checking the temperature. Stretch the other side too while checking the softness.

When the plastic gets to be hard, use a press to pull it together. Stretch the two sides at a time. Then melt some more Bubble film machinemelted plastic in between the two sides. Now, using the stretchy band, pull the two sides together. When you are satisfied that the film is properly stretched, stop stretching. Then cut the plastic piece that you have used to create your original shape.

Then you have to heat up the heat lamp. When the heat lamp gets hot, it melts the plastic and forms the image on the heated metal plate. Using a kiln tip, you can now start carving out shapes from your film.

It is quite easy to use this machine. You need to keep a few things in mind before you start working on your images. First of all, always measure the heat that is required for the formation of the image on the metal sheet. Secondly, do not forget to use the right kind of heat for the perfect formation of the image on the metal plate.

The most important thing that you should remember is to leave space between the images that you are creating. This space is occupied by the plastic wires that are being used to stretch the film. Hence, make sure that you leave ample space to work on your images. If you are thinking of starting a home business, stretch film making machine is definitely the best investment that you can make. You will never regret the decision that you have made.
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