seestyle: Baker Mayfield criticizes referees for missed calls during B

Baker Mayfield criticizes referees for missed calls during B

Jul 20, 22 om 12:13
Baker Mayfield is expecting to hear from the NFL soon, as hedoesn't think that the league will be happy with his comments after the Browns' 47-42lo s to the Steve Pearce Jersey Chargers on Sunday.Cleveland's quarterback ripped into the referees for their performance in Week 5. Heclaimed that they mi sed a couple of key pa s interference calls that had an impact on the Browns in his postgame pre s conference.Late in the game might as well forward the fine letter now. We asked the ref on the sideline how the hell he mi sed that call, Mayfield said,via . They were shoving receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones out of bounds and then Tyler Thornburg Jersey receiverRashard Higgins gets grabbed, so theres two PIs in one play. They didnt call it."MORE: Jackson confirmed that there should have been at least an illegal contact penalty after watching the play that Mayfield mentioned.Peoples-Jones was, in fact, shoved out of bounds.Also, we just watched Luis Tiant Jersey it. It was definitely illegal contact against DPJ, which is who Baker wanted first. He came back to Higgins and thats a PI call you probably dont get there, but blatant non-call on DPJ right in front of the Browns bench. Zac Jackson (@AkronJackson) As such, Mayfield had reason to be upset. That wasn't the only questionable penalty that the Browns were whistled for throughout the day. There was one particularly bad pa s interference callon defensive back A.J. Green where it appeared that Chargers receiver Mike Williams was the one doing most of the grabbing.This was called defensive pa s-interference on the . Yikes. Jon Do s (@JonDo s) IYER: Boston Red Sox Jersey Myles Garrett said that call was after the game.Another questionable call came on one of the Browns' final plays of the game. David Njoku appeared to get tripped up by Chargers cornerback Michael Davis on a Hail Mary. The officials didn't throw a flag.I just dont understand this. Lots of things we could have done better to win this Rick Porcello Jersey game, but this cant happen BURNT ORANGE (@BURNTORANGE_CO) NFL POWER RANKINGS: The inconsistency from the referees flummoxed and frustrated Mayfield and the Browns. However,at the same time, Mayfield acknowledged that Clevelandneeded to do better to emerge from this game victoriously."We shouldnt have even been in that position," Mayfield said."We left too many points on the field in the first half. It's very frustrating that we didn't do our job well enough to just take the ballgame away. We left it in Steven Wright Jersey the hands of somebody else. We have to be better than that."

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