seestyle: Bruce Boudreau fired by Ducks soon hired by a lucky team

Bruce Boudreau fired by Ducks soon hired by a lucky team

Aug 4, 22 om 03:32
It seemed inevitable that Bruce Boudreau would pay for his latest Game 7 lo s, and lo and behold, the Ducks fired him on Friday.
Boudreau, throughout his career, has coached some of the NHL's best regular-season teams, but he's never gotten past the conference final and, after Wednesday's lo s to Nashville, [url=]Adam Lind Jersey[/url] is somehow 1-7 in Game 7s.
That's a crazy, borderline unrepeatable streak of crummy luck augmented somewhatby flat starts in those games; at Puck Daddy, Greg Wyshynski did a good job breaking down what, exactly, .
At least a bit of it is Boudreau's fault; the fact that the other team [url=]Greg Bird Jersey[/url] has scored first in six of those seven lo ses, and that's not a great sign. If you're looking for something to pin on the coach, that's where you should start and, probably, end. Coaches have to bear at leastresponsibility for results. That's the job.
Still, though, Boudreau's body [url=]Reggie Jackson Jersey[/url] of work everywhere else should get him his pick of positions, some [url=]MLB New York Yankees[/url] of which are open and some of which are not. His teams don't get their doors blown off in Game 7s, and he wins most of the rest of the them.
In eight full seasons with one team, he has won eight division titles. He's the fastest coach to ever win 400 games, with a current record of 409-192-80. Enjoy that, Ottawa or Minnesota.
Bruce Boudreau was head coach of the NHL's No. 1 defence, power-play and [url=]Thurman Munson Jersey[/url] penalty kill this season. Fired.
luke fox (@lukefoxjukebox) His demeanor, no matter what you think of it, has nothing to do with goalies making saves or players mi sing shots or pucks mi sing by an inch during two dominant periods, as was the case on Thursday. He's a good coach witha historically bad, weird bit of [url=]Luis Severino Jersey[/url] baggage, yes, but he's still a good coach.
Whoever winds up with him will be lucky, and better than they were the day before.

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