Ernest: How to repair minor damage to the love doll's skin?

How to repair minor damage to the love doll's skin?

Mei 25, 23 om 10:03
Many manufacturers are now looking for true love dolls with a high degree of simulation. Real-life dolls are created with the same skin as humans, so they may become refreshed.

Also, according to the characteristics of the material, if you use too much force and don't take good care of it, the skin of the most realistic sex doll may be torn.

If it is too small to make it, it will be difficult to return to the factory for repair, but it is impossible to leave it alone. Here I will introduce the repair method for small damage.

Some materials are needed to deal with the cracked skin of the love dolls.

TPE adhesive "If you have a silicone love doll, you can choose the silicone adhesive purchased online."
Step 1: Clean the doll's crevices and nearby skin with soapy water and a washcloth.

Step 2: Gently uncover the gap of the custom sexdolls, apply an appropriate amount of adhesive, use a small bamboo shovel to apply on the inside of the gap, and apply on both sides of the gap.

Average. Please note. Don't put too much glue.
Step 3: Clean the adhesive around the tear with a bamboo spatula.

Step 4: Gently squeeze the skin near the gap to make the gap fit well.

Step 5: Leave the doll in a cool place for about 24 hours, waiting for the cracks to fully adhere.
How to Repair Large Cracks on Real Dolls
Whether it is love dolls or a silicone doll, there is a possibility of damage during use.

Earlier, I explained how small scratches (cracks in the main body of the thigh) on the sex doll's body are treated.

Next, I'll cover how to repair large cracks under the neck or elsewhere.

The neck and shoulder connection "clavicle" of the doll is particularly prone to problems, especially if the real doll is used improperly, such as "wrong posture, excessive force, etc.", or how old an adult doll has always been. If aging occurs during use, it is easy to Problems occur, especially in the neck and shoulders. If a large crack appears in the shoulder of the neck.
Materials needed for repair:
TPE glue "If it is a silicone real doll, special glue for silicone is needed", thin thread "fine bamboo cotton swab or cotton swab", cotton cloth can be used instead
Repair steps:
1. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the gap with a clean cotton cloth. If there is moisture, please wipe or dry.
2. Apply a small amount of TPE glue to a string or cotton swab, then dab on both sides of the sex doll's slit.
3. Move the doll's shoulders and neck to match the slit.
4. Apply a generous amount of glue and dab it over closed cracks.
5. Gently press the opening with a thin thread to allow the adhesive to fully adhere.s
6. Keep the real doll in this position and leave it for about 12 hours. "Keep in a sunny spot, out of the sun."

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