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The Scarlet Witch crown has officially made her way onto the wandavision merch

A recent Marvel commercial mentions the villainous group Hydra and the company that created it. The advert could also be a nod to the Agents of SHIELD. Wandavision merch is an excellent way to get fans hyped for the film, especially as the show is a bridge between the Spider-Man and Doctor Strange movies. However, the show's logo may also reference the Agents of SHIELD, so be careful when purchasing WandaVision merch! Scarlet Witch crown is on wandavision merch The first official merchandise from the new Marvel series is here! The Scarlet Witch crown has officially made her way onto the wandavision merch store! The collection features a variety of items ranging from action figures to replicas and clothes. For an even better look at the Scarlet Witch, check out EW's exclusive first look. The Scarlet Witch is set to make her debut on the show in October! As fans of the series, it's great to see her get her own merch. In addition to her iconic Scarlet Witch crown, the line also has a Scarlet Witch action doll with 22 points of articulation. This collectible also includes a dazzling replica of her iconic crown and outfit from the season finale! The Scarlet Witch Cosbaby is part of the popular Disney Cosplay line, and is featured on a specially sculpted "power-blast" stand. The Marvel Studios WandaVision Scarlet Witch ring is made of nickel-free sterling silver and has intricate details on a slender ring band. The design is comfortable enough for everyday use. The Scarlet Witch will also feature on the new Doctor Strange sweatshirt, as well as a new logo for the franchise. As for the Scarlet Witch's new costume, fans should stay tuned for more. The new movie will hit theaters in May 2022! The new Scarlet Witch costume first appeared in the season finale of WandaVision on Disney+. In it, the Scarlet Witch finally defeated Agatha Harkness and became the Scarlet Witch once again. The series has been confirmed as a spin-off of the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe movie Doctor Strange. WandaVision is expected to pick up after the Loki Disney+ series. Olsen wrapped reshoots for the new film in September.