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Jerry Jones backs Dak Prescott after Cow

Jerry Jones referred to the Cowboys' 19-12 playoff lo s against the 49ers as "sickening," but he isn't using it to catalyze change within the organization.Jones first despite Dallas' strange final play call and questionable clock management late in the defeat.McCarthy wasn't the only one who received Jones' backing. The Cowboys owner and general manager also spoke well of Dak Prescott, who endured his share of struggles in a losing effort.MORE: Jones told reporters that he believed the Cowboys would win because he has "such confidence in Dak.""I'll line up out there five times with that similar situation, and if we've got him at quarterback, I'll take my chances,"Jones said of Prescott, per . "So I'm just saying give me that setup a year in advance, a month in advance, and give me him as the quarterback and I feel very strongly that we'll win."Prescott endured a rocky outing against the 49ers and was plagued by turnovers during it. He threw two key interceptions during the contest that led to six points for the 49ers. He had a couple more potential interceptions dropped and was largely outplayed by rookie quarterback Brock Purdy.StatDak PrescottBrock PurdyComp. %62.265.5Pa sing yards206214Pa s TDs10INTs20Yards/attempt5.67.4Pa ser rating63.687.4QBR51.553.1Rushing yards228DeCOURCY:"I'm disappointed in the way that I've played," Prescott said during his postgame news conference. "Those guys in that locker room gave it all. Both sides of the ball. And put me in a position to go win the game. And I wasn't able to do that.And, yeah, I mean, I put it on my shoulders. When you play this position, when you play for this organization, you've got to accept that. That's the reality of it. And as I said, it will make me better.So, Prescott surely appreciates the vote of confidence from Jones in wake of his harsh self-a se sment. He also knows that it will be a long offseason as the Cowboys look to improve after a second consecutive elimination at the hands of the 49ers .MORE: But even still, he is planning to use this lo s as motivation to get the Cowboys closer to their ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl."It sucks, as I said, that I don't get another shot at it for a long time, but I know that when I wake up tomorrow, it will be the first thing on my mind, and it will as I carry it through in my training throughout this offseason, as we get to the start of next season," Prescott said. "It's about finding a way to get better, mastering everything that we can to make sure that we get over this hump, whatever it is, and give ourselves a chance of winning it all."

Patriots vs. Cardinals final score resul

An important win for the Patriots was overshadowed by a potentially serious injury to Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray on "Monday Night Football."On just the third play from scrimmage, Murray hit the turf awkwardly holding his knee. It was a non-contact injury and immediately many a sumed the worst. He was carted off the field with a towel over his head, and according to ESPN sideline reporter Lisa Salters he broke down in tears as soon as he reached the tunnel.It was another devastating blow in what has been a miserable season for the Cardinals. With the team now sitting at 4-9 and well out of playoff contention, the attention will immediately turn to the severity of Murray's injury.MORE: If it is indeed a torn ACL, , it could keep him out well into 2023. That would be devastating news for any quarterback, but even more so for a player who signed a this offseason.For the Patriots, however, the night was a succe sful one. They earned a 27-13 win thanks to stifling second half defense and important contributions by rookie running backs Kevin Harris and Pierre Strong Jr. The victory moves them to 7-6 and puts them in the third and final AFC wild card playoff spot for now.The win didn't come without its cost. DeVante Parker was ruled out with a head injury to deplete an already thin receiving corps, while star running back Rhamondre Stevenson suffered an ankle injury that knocked him out of the game.With a tough schedule ahead to close out the season (@ Raiders, vs. Bengals, vs. Dolphins, @ Bills), this was a vital win for Bill Belichick's squad to keep its postseason hopes alive.The Sporting News was tracking live scoring updates and highlights from Patriots vs. Cardinals. Here are all the key moments you might have mi sed from the "Monday Night Football" clash.MORE: Patriots vs. Cardinals score1234FPatriots010107-Cardinals01300-Patriots vs. Cardinals live updates, highlights from 'Monday Night Football'(All times Eastern.)Final: Patriots 27, Cardinals 1311:28 p.m. Victory formation for the Patriots. They will get the win tonight to keep their playoff hopes alive.11:27 p.m. TWO-MINUTE WARNING Strong rips off another nice run of 19 yards to take us to the two-minute warning.11:26 p.m. TURNOVER ON DOWNS Once again, the Cardinals fail to convert on 4th down after McCoy is dragged down short of the marker on 4th and 13. That should do it.11:23 p.m. Josh Weinfu s, a Cardinals reporter for ESPN, has reported there "is little doubt" Kyler Murray suffered an ACL tear earlier tonight. Such a shame for the Cardinals' star quarterback.Cardinals QB Kyler Murray is expected to have an MRI tomorrow but there is "little doubt that its torn," a source told me, referring to the quarterback's ACL. Josh Weinfu s (@joshweinfu s) 11:17 p.m. It's still not overjustyet. A quick three-and-out will give the Cardinals the ball back with le s than 4 minutes on the clock. They need two touchdowns and have just a single timeout to work with.11:15 p.m. TURNOVER ON DOWNS Another sack, this time it's Josh Uche! The Patriots take over near the Arizona 40-yard line with le s than 5 minutes left on the clock. This game is just about over.11:13 p.m. Matthew Judon drags McCoy down for a big sack, and a few plays later it is 3rd and 13 for Arizona. A pa s to A.J. Green is wiped out because he went out of bounds before touching it, so it will be 4th and 13 upcoming with the game on the line.11:12 p.m. An incompletion on 3rd and 3 brings up 4th down, and Kingsbury keeps the offense on the field for a third time tonight. This time, McCoy lowers his shoulder on a scramble and powers forward to move the sticks.11:07 p.m. A pa s interference penalty on Myles Bryant gives the Cardinals a free first down on 3rd and 2. The drive continues as the clock ticks towards 8 minutes left in the game.11:05 p.m. Another costly penalty for the Cards. This time it's a 15 yard catch by Brown getting wiped out by an illegal shift penalty. Very sloppy night for this offense.11:02 p.m. New England answers with a three-and-out of its own. A wild looking play on 2nd down, in which Jones dropped back about 15 yards before hurling one to Bourne, got wiped out by an ineligible man downfield penalty. On 3rd and 7, Strong comes up a few yards short of the sticks and Palardy will come on to punt it away.10:55 p.m. The Cardinals now desperately need something from their offense. Instead, they get a three-and-out. On 3rd and 9, McCoy gets sacked for a huge lo s by Daniel Ekuale. Arizona will have to punt it right back.Patriots 27, Cardinals 1310:50 p.m. TOUCHDOWN It's Pierre Strong who gets his first career NFL touchdown! 20 unanswered points by the Pats!20 unanswered points for New England! Pierre Strong Jr. is the latest rookie RB to score his 1st career TD.: on ESPN: Stream on NFL+ NFL (@NFL) 10:48 p.m. On the first play of the final quarter, Jones hits a wide open Hunter Henry deep downfield for a gain of 40 yards! 1st and goal, New England!Mac Jones finds a wide open Hunter Henry down the seam to put New England inside the five!: on ESPN: Stream on NFL+ NFL (@NFL) End of third quarter: Patriots 20, Cardinals 1310:45 p.m. On 3rd and 5, Jones finds Bourne for a gain of 16 yards and a first down. That feels like a huge play to keep the drive alive, and the momentum with the Patriots.10:43 p.m. Sheesh, that was almost another crazy turn of events. Jones' pa s to Agholor bounced off the receiver, and on the field they initially ruled it was caught out of mid-air by Zaven Collins, who ran it all the way back into the end zone. However, after a short review, the ball hit the ground and instead it's an incompletion. Crazy stuff happening out here in the desert. 10:41 p.m. INTERCEPTION After McCoy gets sacked to bring up 2nd and 13, McCoy gets hit as he throws and his heave downfield falls way short of its target, Hopkins. It sets up an easy interception for Marcus Jones! Another takeaway for this New England defense!Picked off by Marcus Jones Whos got defense in ?: on ESPN: Stream on NFL+ NFL (@NFL) 10:37 p.m. After a false start brings up 1st and 15, Trey McBride makes a catch and somehow hangs on despite being absolutely leveled by Marcus Jones. Hard to believe he kept a hold of that ball. It picks up 15 yards and moves the chains.Tough. Trey McBride holds on for the catch. : on ESPN: Stream on NFL+ NFL

1.37 million awarded in HeadHealthTECH g

New York, NY (June 30, 2020) The National Football League (NFL) and Football Research, Inc. (FRI) today awarded $1.37 million in HeadHealthTECH grant funding to four teams of innovators to support the creation of their helmet prototypes to be submitted as part of the ongoing , a contest with an additional prize of $1 million.The NFL Helmet Challenge is an innovation challenge that aims to stimulate the development by experts, innovators and helmet manufacturers of a new helmet for NFL players that outperforms, based on specified laboratory testing, all helmets currently worn by NFL players. The $1.37 million in grant funding awarded today is an extension of the NFL's funding series and was designed to facilitate broad participation in the NFL Helmet Challenge. Applicants will use HeadHealthTECH Challenge funds to bolster their entry into the NFL Helmet Challenge competition. HeadHealthTECH funding is not required to participate in the NFL Helmet Challenge and other applicants are invited and encouraged to participate.The Helmet Challenge will culminate in July 2021 with applicants submitting helmet prototypes for laboratory testing used by the NFL-NFLPA engineers to rank helmets over the last six years.Awardees of HeadHealthTECH Helmet Challenge grant funding are as follows. Their submi sion descriptions appear in italics below as described by the winners in their grant applications.Christopher Yakacki | Impre sio, Inc. and CU DenverDenver, Colorado - $491,999Xenith, RHEON, BASF, The University of Waterloo | Xenith Project OrbitDetroit, Michigan - $412,000Eric Wagnac (ETS) and Franck LeNaveaux | KollideMontreal, Qubec - $238,545Matthew Panzer | UVA, Nama Development and Topologica, Inc.Charlottesville, Virginia - $223,047"By bringing together experts from multiple disciplines, the NFL Helmet Challenge aims to encourage revolutionary advances in helmet design," saidJeff Miller,NFL Executive Vice President of Communications, Public Affairs and Policy, who oversees the NFL's health and safety work. "The awardees demonstrated the potential to do just that.We're very excited to support their efforts and test their prototypes next year. This is one more sign of the recent transformation in the protective equipment space more in the last couple of years than over the previous decade and we are committed to keeping this momentum going.""The extraordinarily high level of engagement and breadth of innovative work happening right now in the protective equipment space is exciting to see," said Dr. Barry Myers, Director of Innovation at Duke University's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (Duke CTSI), who chairs the Oversight Committee that selected the winners. "The four winners awarded today all demonstrated the ability to develop a winning helmet, but there is definitely more to come from many of the other teams and start-ups we saw submit proposals and we look forward to opportunities to support these entrepreneurs in the future."The HeadHealthTECH Challenge grant funding is just one of the many resources that the NFL has brought to bear to support potential applicants throughout the NFL Helmet Challenge proce s. Other available resources include those developed through the Engineering Roadmap, such as NFL and of modern football helmets. Additionally, the NFL in November 2019 to kick off the challenge, which brought together 300 engineers, manufacturing experts and innovators from acro s the country for three days of information-sharing and collaboration. The symposium provided potential applicants, including many of today's grant winners, with background on the current state of the science around helmets and head injuries in the NFL and information on the challenge and available resources.For more information on the NFL Helmet Challenge and how to enter, potential applicants should visit: .About the HeadHealthTECH Challenge SeriesThe HeadHealthTECH Challenge series is one component of the , a $60-million comprehensive effort funded by the NFL and managed by FRI to improve the understanding of the biomechanics of head injuries in profe sional football and to create incentives for helmet manufacturers, small busine ses, entrepreneurs, universities and others to develop and commercialize new and improved protective equipment, including helmets.FRI awards the most promising HeadHealthTECH Challenge proposals with monetary grants and in-kind support. A panel of expert judges selected by Duke CTSI, in collaboration with FRI, reviews and provides feedback to all proposals. Every HeadHealthTECH Challenge applicant is invited to reapply and receives constructive feedback from Duke CTSI biomechanical experts to help refine innovations and increase chances for succe s on future submi sions.The HeadHealthTECH Challenges have awarded more than $1.6 million in grants to date to help advance the development of 13 new technologies : , announced in April 2017, are for its highly efficient energy-absorbing Zorbz technology and for its Guardian Cap technology a soft helmet cover designed to reduce the severity of impacts. , announced in October 2018, are , to research the effectivene s of its 2nd Skull skull cap in reducing impact forces and developing a second-generation version; , for its prototype HitGard multi-component helmet system concept; and , for its Crash Cloud, an impact liner system using restricted air flow and foam in helmets and protective gear. for its ultra-di sipative padding made from liquid-crystal elastomers (LCEs); , to support the development and testing of its novel impact-attenuating pads for football helmets; and for the testing of its anti-rotational kinematic (ARK) helmet prototype. for its all-new sports surface; for its FEAM material; and Yobel Technologies, LLC for its faceguard. , announced in November 2018, is , for its unique padding material for use as a helmet liner. , announced in March 2019, are to tailor its Crash Cloud technology for use in Schutt's AirXP Pro Q10 helmet, and , for its energy absorbing XPF material.About the NFL's Health and Safety InitiativesThe NFL is committed to advancing progre s in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. As part of the NFL's ongoing health and safety efforts, in September 2016, Commi sioner Goodell launched . a league-wide health and safety initiative. At the heart of the initiative is a pledge of $100 million in support of independent medical research and engineering advancements and a commitment to try to protect our players and make our game safer, including through enhancements to medical protocols and improvements to how our game is taught and played. For more information about the NFL's heal

What if the Jets had drafted Trevor Lawr

The NFL is a league of what-ifs. No one knows this better than your friendly neighborhood Jets fan.The organization's history is riddled with them: What if they had drafted Dan Marino instead of Ken O'Brien in 1983? What if they had drafted Warren Sapp instead of Kyle Brady in 1995? What if Vinny Testaverde had never torn his ACL in 1998?(Un)mercifully, Jets fans didn't have to wait long for the latest one: What if the Jets managed to win the "Tank for Trevor Lawrence" sweepstakes in 2021, leading to the Clemson Tiger in Gotham Green instead of Zach Wilson?MORE: With the two quarterbacks entering their second head-to-head meeting Thursday night, here's how history may have been altered had the Jets just lost to the Browns in 2020.How the Jets lost 'Tank for Trevor'It all came down to two games the Jets probably shouldn't have won in 2020: Week 15 vs. the Rams and Week 16 vs. the Browns.Week 15:The Rams entered the matchup as heavy favorites and in search of a playoff berth. They exited with a lo s.The Jets were flirting with a winle s season, until this game changed all that. A week after they narrowly avoided a win thanks to , they took the fight to the Rams, going into LA and taking home a 23-20 victory."This is not the result, not the type of game that we expected," Rams coach Sean McVay said after the game.Little did he know, McVay may have been speaking for Jets fans everywhere, too.MORE:Week 16:The Jets looked to keep their "momentum" rolling as they marched toward a showdown with the haple s Browns. Haple s may have been an understatement.The Browns entered Week 16 with serious roster i sues related to COVID-19: Cleveland was mi sing its top four wide receivers, including Jarvis Landry. With all of that turmoil, the Browns lost to the Jets 23-16, and the Jaguars clinched first place in the "Tank for Trevor" race.The Jets and the Browns had met the prior two seasons, as well. The Browns took home wins in 2018 and 2019. Unfortunately, the Jets couldn't make it three in a row.What if the Jets had drafted Trevor Lawrence?In an alternate universe, the Jets finished winle s and ahead of the Jaguars in the 2021 NFL Draft.Here's how that may have changed the fortunes of all five teams that took a quarterback in the first round:TheJetstake Trevor Lawrence with the No. 1 overall pick, gifting themselves the best quarterback prospect in franchise history and one of the best in NFL history. Lawrence, though, still struggles in his rookie season. He is without true weapons on the outside thanks to injuries to Corey Davis and Elijah Moore, while his line is below average.Still, Mike LaFleur's QB-friendly scheme allows Lawrence to show enough promise. He makes the easy stuff look easy, though splash plays and highlight-reel throws are few and far between. The braintrust of LaFleur and Robert Saleh offer Lawrence lots of stability to continue to grow.MORE:TheJaguarsdon't buy into the pre-draft hype surrounding Zach Wilson and instead opt to build an Ohio State bridge with Justin Fields. Fields' traits arguably are second to none in the draft: he has explosive mobility, though he still needs to refine his skills as a pa ser.But Urban Meyer doesn't do much to help Fields in his rookie season: The Jaguars are still a me s on offense, and they're an even bigger me s off the field thanks to Meyer's antics. Ultimately, it's a nothing season for Fields. It's clear that he needs proper coaching, and the staff, headed by Meyer, does nothing but confirm that. The organizational tumult and instability allow Fields a do-over for Year 2.MORE: The49ersstill face a tough decision with Trey Lance, Mac Jones and Zach Wilson still on the board. Does Kyle Shanahan take a chance on Lance; bet on Wilson's enormous upside and physical traits; or go the safe route with the high-floor, low-ceiling Jones? Shanahan opts for Wilson in this slot: he has more college experience than Lance and his arm talent is too tantalizing to pa s up. The 49ers also don't have to change much about the offense with Wilson at the helm.Adding to the ease of the 49ers' decision is that Wilson redshirts his rookie season while sitting behind Jimmy Garoppolo a decision that will benefit Wilson in the long run. Wilson works on his mechanics and learns the NFL game from the sideline, hammering out the fundamentals while Garoppolo leans into the starter-mentor role. Taking snaps for one of the league's best offenses, Wilson looks the part in spot duty but there's not nearly enough evidence to know for sure entering Year 2.MORE: TheBearsare in a difficult position. Sitting at No. 20, GM Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy need to do something to keep the heat off them and find the answer at quarterback. So they swing for the fences with Trey Lance, who falls past the top 10. Chicago trades a future first-round pick to the Giants for the 11th overall pick to take Lance.Lance starts the season behind Andy Dalton on the depth chart, but he's soon elevated to QB1 as Nagy's offense looks lifele s and boring under Dalton. Lance doesn't do much to help the offense as a pa ser; instead, he leans heavily on his athleticism and just makes plays. Nagy's lack of adjustments to accommodate Lance leads to his dismi sal. The jury is still out on Lance entering Year 2.MORE: ThePatriotsstill end up with Mac Jones, much to the delight of Bill Belichick. Jones offers the highest floor of any pa ser outside of Lawrence, though there may not be as much upside. That's fine with Belichick, who is just looking for a high-level game manager. Ultimately, there's not much that would change for New England.Well, unle s .

NFL Week 17 coverage map TV schedule for

The NFL's main day has returned to Sunday for Week 17, and fans everywhere will get to ring in the New Year with one of the league's most loaded slates of games to date.Fourteen games will be played on Sunday, with 13 of them taking place during the early- and late-afternoon windows. This will mark the most games played on one day this year since before bye weeks began in Week 6.MORE: As per usual, CBS and Fox will be splitting the broadcasts of these contests evenly. With an odd number of games being played in the afternoon, Fox will broadcast seven games while CBS will air six.That said, CBS is the network that will be allowed to show a game in each window Sunday afternoon. That makes it the go-to network for those looking to catch a regional doubleheader in Week 17.CBS will rely on Patriots vs . Dolphins and Giants vs. Colts both of which have major playoff implications to carry its early coverage. The late slate will feature Packers vs. Vikings in a pseudo-national game; only Los Angeles and its surrounding areas will be shown Chargers vs. Rams.Fox's seven games will be shown on a hyper-regional basis. Buccaneers vs. Panthers may be the most alluring of the bunch, as the winner will either clinch the NFC South or control its destiny in the division, but it isn't being given special treatment.MORE:Below is the full NFL coverage map for Week 17, plus a list of major TV markets and the CBS and Fox games that will be presented in each on Sunday.NFL coverage mapWeek 17(NFL coverage maps courtesy of)Fox single game (Courtesy of Red: Panthers at BuccaneersBlue: Saints at EaglesGreen: Bears at LionsOrange: Browns at CommandersPurple: Cardinals at FalconsYellow: 49ers at Raiders (LATE)Light blue: Jets at Seahawks (LATE)CBS early games (Courtesy of Red: Dolphins at PatriotsBlue: Colts at GiantsGreen: Broncos at ChiefsYellow: Jaguars at TexansCBS late games (Courtesy of Red: Vikings at PackersBlue: Rams at ChargersTV schedule for NFL Week 17 gamesThe NFL returns to a mostly Sunday slate after Christmas moved the bulk of Week 16 games to Saturday. This will be the most loaded single-day schedule in a while. Thirteen games will be played during the afternoon windows; the NFL isn't staging Saturday football so as to not compete with the College Football Playoff semifinals.Plenty of matchups have playoff implications. Dolphins vs. Patriots, Vikings vs. Packers, Panthers vs. Buccaneers and Jets vs. Seahawks games are just a handful.As for the league's three standalone games in Week 17, the Cowboys and Titans have already played on "Thursday Night Football" while the Steelers and Ravens are squaring off in a "Sunday Night Football" battle. The week will close with a matchup between the Bills and the Bengals that could help to determine the No. 1 seed in the AFC.Below is the full list of Sunday afternoon games that will be broadcast regionally by CBS and Fox.CBS coverageDolphins at Patriots (1 p.m. ET)Colts at Giants (1 p .m. ET)Broncos at Chiefs (1 p.m. ET)Jaguars at Texans (1 p.m. ET)Vikings at Packers (4:25 p.m. ET)Rams at Chargers (4:25 p.m. ET)Fox coveragePanthers at Buccaneers (1 p.m. ET)Saints at Eagles (1 p.m. ET)Bears at Lions (1 p.m. ET)Browns at Commanders (1 p.m. ET)Cardinals at Falcons (1 p.m. ET)49ers at Raiders (4:05 p.m. ET)Jets at Seahawks (4:05 p.m. ET)List of Week 17 NFL games by TV market(TV markets listed in order of size)MarketCBS earlyFox earlyCBS lateFox lateNew YorkColts at Giants Vikings at PackersJets at SeahawksLos AngelesDolphins at PatriotsSaints at EaglesRams at ChargersChicagoColts at GiantsBears at LionsVikings at PackersPhiladelphiaColts at GiantsSaints at EaglesVikings at PackersDallas-Ft. WorthColts at GiantsSaints at EaglesVikings at PackersSan Francisco/Bay AreaBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersWashington, D.C.Colts at GiantsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersHoustonJaguars at TexansVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersBostonDolphins at PatriotsVikings at PackersJets at SeahawksAtlantaDolphins at PatriotsCardinals at FalconsVikings at PackersPhoenixDolphins at PatriotsCardinals at FalconsVikings at PackersTampa/St. PetersburgDolphins at PatriotsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersSeattleColts at GiantsVikings at PackersJets at SeahawksDetroitColts at GiantsBears at LionsVikings at PackersMinneapolis-St. PaulDolphins at PatriotsBears at LionsVikings at PackersMiamiDolphins at PatriotsVikings at PackersJets at SeahawksDenverBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersOrlandoJaguars at TexansPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersClevelandDolphins at PatriotsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersSacramentoBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersCharlotteDolphins at PatriotsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersPortlandDolphins at PatriotsVikings at PackersJets at SeahawksSt. LouisBroncos at ChiefsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersPittsburghDolphins at PatriotsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersIndianapolisColts at GiantsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersBaltimoreDolphins at PatriotsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersRaleigh-DurhamDolphins at PatriotsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersNashvilleJaguars at TexansPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersSan DiegoDolphins at PatriotsRams at Chargers49ers at RaidersSalt Lake CityBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersSan AntonioBroncos at ChiefsSaints at EaglesVikings at PackersKansas CityBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersColumbusDolphins at PatriotsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersMilwaukeeColts at GiantsBears at LionsVikings at PackersCincinnatiDolphins at PatriotsBrowns at CommandersVikings at PackersLas VegasBroncos at ChiefsVikings at Packers49ers at RaidersJacksonvilleJaguars at TexansVikings at PackersJets at SeahawksOklahoma CityBroncos at ChiefsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersNew OrleansDolphins at PatriotsSaints at EaglesVikings at PackersMemphisDolphins at PatriotsPanthers at BuccaneersVikings at PackersBuffaloColts at GiantsVikings at PackersJets at Seahawks

Ryan Fitzpatrick sees players gravitatin

Still boasting bearded brilliance, Ryan Fitzpatrick is and charismatic figure.He anticipates a similar magnetism for first-round draft pick and Miami Dolphins hopeful future franchise quarterback Tua Tagovailoa." He's a really interesting guy. He's got a lot of energy to him. You can tell guys are going to gravitate to him," Fitzpatrick told reporters Saturday, . "There's just something about him that's just very likable. I can already tell he's one of those guys who will get along with everybody."Fitzpatrick provided highlights aplenty toward the end of the Dolphins' 2019 season, often times a one-man adventure doing whatever po sible to will Miami to victories in a lost campaign. Though there's a good chance he'll be the starter at the upcoming season's onset, Fitzpatrick is well aware of the plan for the franchise and the No. 5 overall pick out of Alabama.Fitzpatrick intends on holding down the spot under center and then doing his best to spur on Tagovailoa thereafter."I know I am the placeholder," Fitzpatrick said, . "Whenever Tua gets his chance, I'm going to be his biggest cheerleader."Despite being the competitor that he is, it's likely it 'll be a bit easier for Fitzpatrick to cheer on his succe sor considering how affable Tagovailoa has shown himself to be. Perhaps there's a QB bromance ahead for the elder FitzMagic and the rookie Tua."I have a unique perspective just from the career that I've had," Fitzpatrick said, . "I was excited they drafted him. Since meeting him in person the other day, I 'm really excited. We've hit it off. I am an old geezer, but we've meshed personality-wise, and I'm excited to work with him."

Daniel Snyder Behavior detailed in repor

Washington owner Daniel Snyder said Friday that the behavior described in a "has no place in our franchise or society." The report details accusations from 15 former female employees of the team who allege they were frequent targets of sexual hara sment and subjected to verbal abuse by front office personnel."The behavior described in yesterday's has no place in our franchise or society," Snyder said in a statement released by the team."This story has strengthened my commitment to setting a new culture and standard for our team, a proce s that began with the hiring of Coach Ron Rivera earlier this year."Beth Wilkinson and her firm are empowered to do a full, unbiased investigation and make any and all requisite recommendations. Upon completion of her work, we will institute new policies and procedures and strengthen our human resources infrastructure to not only avoid these i sues in the future but most importantly create a team culture that is respectful and inclusive of all."On Thursday, Snyder hired a District of Columbia law firm to review the club's culture, policies and allegations of workplace misconduct. Wilkinson of Wilkinson Walsh LLP confirmed to The A sociated Pre s that the firm had been retained to conduct an independent review.In a statement included in the Post's report, the team said Thursday it takes i sues of employee conduct seriously and added, "While we do not speak to specific employee situations publicly, when new allegations of conduct are brought forward that are contrary to these policies, we addre s them promptly."Director of player personnel Alex Santos, a sistant Richard Mann II and longtime broadcaster and senior vice president Larry Michael are no longer with the team. Michael announced Wednesday he was retiring after 16 years.Santos, Mann, Michael and former busine s executives Dennis Greene and Mitch Gershman were mentioned in the Post story.The NFL released the following statement Friday morning:"These matters as reported are serious, disturbing and contrary to the NFL's values. Everyone in the NFL has the right to work in an environment free from any and all forms of hara sment. Washington has engaged outside counsel to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations. The club has pledged that it will give its full cooperation to the investigator and we expect the club and all employees to do so. We will meet with the attorneys upon the conclusion of their investigation and take any action based on the findings."

Hard Knocks ready to descend on L.A. des

is doing something it couldn't have done a decade or so ago: deliver an intimate look inside the training camps of not one, but two NFL teams at the same time.If this were the early 2000s, such an endeavor would have required flying hard drives full of footage back to NFL Films' Mount Laurel, New Jersey, headquarters. For a show that runs on Tuesday, just hours after the final cut is completed, "it would have been impo sible," NFL Films VP and senior coordinating producer Ken Rodgers said Thursday.Thanks to advancements in technology, that is no longer the case, but a new set of challenges have arisen in this most unusual offseason. How might the crew from NFL Films and HBO Sports get up close and personal with these NFL players while also socially distancing?It's a question that doesn't have a specific answer, and the outcome could very well look different than the imagined course of action at this point with camp still a month away."This year, that will be the main focus for us is making sure we work within all the guidelines present during training camp to keep our players, coaches, staff members safe," Rodgers said, adding later that NFL Films will be relying on decisions made by the NFL and NFLPA. "It will still be , but it will also be Safe Knocks, I gue s, this year as well."The same could be said about the football side of things, which will operate under what remains a fluid set of requirements and circumstances. Rams coach Sean McVay didn't mince words when acknowledging the surreal and somewhat frustrating environment in which all NFL teams will operate at the start of training camp."It is a little bit mind-numbing when you really get down to it," McVay said. "I think it's really just figuring out what's gonna be the best way to operate but also have the agility to adjust and adapt in what is going to be a very fluid situation."I mean, is this crazy, Coach Lynn?" McVay said to Chargers coach Anthony Lynn in the videoconference call. "We're talking about some of this stuff and we're playing football. I mean, we're gonna social distance, but we play football? I mean, it's really hard for me to understand all this. I don't get it. I really don't ."

49ers Nick Bosa shrugs off controversial

Nick Bosa might be the only person Thursday night who thought he committed a penalty when he was flagged for roughing the pa ser against the Seahawks.Early in the second half, with the 49ers already up 21-3, Bosa got pre sure on Geno Smith and leveled the Seahawks quarterback, which resulted in Smith making an errant throw that 49ers defensive back Deommodore Lenoir picked off and returned for a touchdown.The roughing penalty on Bosa wiped out the touchdown and allowed the Seahawks to retain po se sion.MORE:The call ignited yet another firestorm about the NFL's controversial "body weight" rule that spawns questionable calls like this one.The hit, although hard, didn't look unreasonably violent.Nick Bosa roughing the pa ser eliminates the pick 6 alex (@highlghtheaven) What is the NFL's body weight rule?The NFL's body weight rule in relation to roughing the pa ser is usually the reason these seemingly innocuous hits are called penalties.A rushing defender is prohibited from committing such intimidating and punishing acts as " stuffing" a pa ser into the ground or unnece sarily wrestling or driving him down after the pa ser has thrown the ball ... When tackling a pa ser who is in a defensele s posture (e.g., during or just after throwing a pa s), a defensive player must not unnece sarily or violently throw him down and land on top of him with all or most of the defenders weight. Instead, the defensive player must strive to wrap up the pa ser with the defensive players arms and not land on the pa ser.MORE:The problem, of course, is that in live game action, it is almost impo sible to follow the rule sometimes. Bosa's hit was made worse by Smith colliding with an engaged lineman on his way down, folding his body awkwardly.Bosa was diplomatic after the game when he was asked about the hit."It was the right call," he told Amazon's Kaylee Hartung. "With what they've been calling lately. Kind of lost my head there and unfortunately hurt my team."MORE: Luckily for Bosa and the 49ers the game wasn't closer in the end. San Francisco won 21-13. But if this kind of call is made in a more competitive game, the cries against the rule that produces the call will only get louder.

NFL lifts ban on tryouts with health-rel

The NFL has opened the door for lingering free agents to potentially find new homes.The league informed all 32 clubs on Tuesday that its prohibition on tryouts has been lifted, effective immediately, NFL Network's Tom Peli sero reported per a source informed of the situation.The prohibition had banned NFL teams from bringing players into their facilities for workouts, with a recent exception for physicals. Tuesday's change makes it po sible for players who can perform well enough in a workout setting to earn a contract, and allows teams to get a closer look at intriguing players who remain available as we close in on the start of the 2020 season. Notable free agents such as edge rusher Jadeveon Clowney and defensive back Logan Ryan might finally find a place to play in 2020 as a result.The health protocols will remain for all signings, as players still must undergo COVID-19 entry screenings. Such screening includes testing negative three consecutive times (for free agents who had not been with a team recently), or two straight times if they were cut the prior day, or acquired via waiver claim or trade. Each negative test must happen 24 hours apart before joining team activities, per Peli sero.NFL teams also can only host eight prospects for workouts per day, and club personnel must wear personal protective equipment and remain 6 feet away from the tryout player at all times.In a typical, non-pandemic training camp, workouts would help fill out the roster and give hopeful players a chance to land in a team's camp, where they might end up working their way onto a final 53-man roster. It would also confirm teams' interest in veterans who might make an impact in the latter stages of their careers. Now, teams can continue shaping their roster with the return of a familiar proce s in what remains an unfamiliar time.